No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

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#TBT tribute for The Royal Magazine - Spring/Issue 5 aptly called “Handle Your Business”.

This magnificent mini-tome introduced me to @mrkimsays of Evil Monito fame, @MostOfficialMob as well as as others.

#design #Marketing #Fashion #Art

This week I am doing a pallette of the colors I like for my make-up ahead of time :-)

A simple Strawberry Ice Cream Sugar Cone for me ♡

Heath Bar Vanilla Ice Cream Sugar Cone Birthday Cake Chocolate Syrup Desert for @juiceboxgirl1


See you later

I like this show!


See you later

I like this show!

At #RedEYE checking out the live graffiti ☆☆☆

"Serenity" by Ashley Lynn at #RedEYE

Nephew in motion at his basketball game

#youthbasketball #basketball #cityofsunrise

View from mile 2 (at Central Park Track)